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Invest in the Patboy Platform that allows Models to become NFT Game Collectables to Boost their Popularity and Profits!

What are PatBeez? (PBZ)

PatBeez are Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain which allow secure and anonymous transactions on the Patboy Platform.  Fans of  Models and Players of the Patboy Card Game can buy NFT Game Collectibles in the Patboy Hustler App in order to earn profits with the models. Investors can buy Patbeez in order to profit from the growth of the Patboy Platform.

ECO System

PatBeez are pushed in the ECO System by investing them into newly created NFT Patcards of real existing  Models.  Either Players or the PATBOY company can make the first investment from which after this it’s expected to grow in value due to the fame of the model.

When the NFT Patcard is created it gets pushed into the Patboy Game and the public domain which has been authorized by the the model. This makes it available for trade and beneficials for the person or player that owns the card.
Investors can buy Patbeez in order to increase their profits from the growth of the Patboy Platform. Patboy will keep expanding the platform for more possibilities and services.

Helping Models to become Famous and Earn Cash with Gaming!

The Patboy Platform thrives on the fact that Players are engaged in playing an interactive Game with real Models which they favor. Playing the game will result in profits and beneficials like exclusive content or even online friendships.

One of our main targets is to give fans more rewards for their efforts and investors better prospects of a growing market.

Planned Benefits for PatBeez token holders

How it all started

January 2018
Concept development of PATBOY Platform & Patboy Hustler App Beta v1 for Android and IOS
February 2019
Release of Patboy NFT Patcard Game Beta v1
January 2020
Concept Development of PatBeez
July 2021
Setup ILO offering PatBeez Platform for Coins
Oktober 2021
Launch ILO Offer raising funds for further development of Patboy Platform
January 2022
Release of PatBoy Exchange Portal for Models and Investors Beta v1
August 2022
Release of NFT Patcards Extension for Models on PatBeez exchange for real Cash
August 2022
Launch of PatBeez Exchange in Eco System

Distribution of Tokens

Our clients — both corporate and private ones — will access all the services they need from a single platform.
  • 50% NFT Collectable (Patcards)

    Transactions returned to the pool from Buying and Selling Patcards. There is also a 10% Fee in the NFT marketplace that will return PatBeez to this pool.

  • 25% Liquidity

    Locked LP for 11 months.

  • 15% Development

    Vested at a rate of 15% per month.

  • 5% Cardgame Features

    Locked until new features are released.

  • 2.2% Marketing

    Reserved for marketing campaigns and growing the platform.

  • 1.8% ILO Fee

    Unicrypt Fees for ILO listing.

  • 1% Collection Rewards

    Rewards for players collecting correct NFT Patcards.